Exnaton AG


Exnaton is an ETH Spinoff that builds a software platform for the energy market of tomorrow. Our software empowers utility companies to set up energy communities and dynamic tariffing models for renewable energy in an easy way. Using our software, utilities can tap into new revenue streams and offer


  • A Zentrale und dezentrale Energieerzeugung
  • A Digitalisierung, Internet of Things
  • A Energieeffizienz
  • A Stromhandel und -vertrieb

Über uns

We support utilities becoming leaders in energy communities by offering them a solution that serves as an online personal touchpoint for customers, emotionalizing their customer experience and making energy tangible and exciting for customers. Fully-automated billing, real-time pricing, a user management tool and a seamless integration into utilities' current processes and systems are enabling them to shape the energy future in a simple, efficient and digital way.